HR Problems and Solutions in 2020

By: Greg Modd

Understanding how to increase employee retention by tackling HR Problems and Solutions in 2020.Source: Tackling Common HR Problems Faced in SMEs

To Stay or to Go

October 22, 2020

To stay or to go is a question that your employees may face some day or are contemplating right now. Per SHRM, the reasons why your employees stay is due to proper recognition, paid well, and they feel leadership trusts them. That is the fundamental dysfunction of a team per Patrick Lencioni. Absence of trust. This is where HR can cause both problems and solutions.

What can you as a leader within your organization do to provide your managers the best opportunity to retain employees? First, assess if your internal HR department is creating a trust solution. If not, might be best to outsource some of your HR services.

Other potential HR solutions are to do skip interviews, stay interviews, and if someone does leave your team perform an exit interview. Feedback is a valuable gift. Recently a client asked me to do an exit interview. The feedback was transparent and candid. If these soon to be former employees were speaking with their internal leadership, I’m confident saying the feedback would have looked different due to a lack of internal trust.

When an organization has a lack of trust, employee retention often is a big issue. To build trust we encourage our clients to perform stay interviews as well as skip interviews depending on the size of the organization. A stay interview is getting ahead of the exit. A potential HR solution to the employee retention problem. Speaking with the employee to find out what they enjoy about their position and some areas of opportunity for improvement. This helps foster trust, especially, when leadership takes the feedback and puts it into action. For instance, the employee states the company lacks providing employees with recognition. Then management communicates the formal recognition program on multiple channels such as text, email, team meetings, and any other form of communication such as slack. This is one instance of an HR problem and solution.

It’s not as complicated as it appears but it’s important to find the time to speak with your people. I get it, operations need to run and who has time to sit and talk? That’s an overhead expense that isn’t within the budget… we need production to meet customer demands! Well, if your organization isn’t doing recognition, paying well, or building trust within the organization there is a strong potential for many exit interviews instead of stay interviews. Get ahead of the exit and perform stay interviews early and often. Again, HR problems and solutions. Here is an article the can be useful when looking into human resource challenges and resolutions