Succession Planning Step Four

By: Greg Modd

The fourth step in succession planning is to implement the plan effectively. This involves providing the identified individuals with the resources and support they need to succeed and setting clear expectations for their performance.

Here are some considerations for implementing a succession plan:

1. Resources: Providing identified individuals with the necessary resources is crucial for their success. This may include training, development opportunities, access to mentors, or additional support from colleagues and supervisors.

2. Clear expectations: Setting clear expectations for the identified individuals is essential for their development and success. This may involve establishing specific goals and benchmarks for their performance and providing feedback and guidance along the way.

3. Support: Providing identified individuals with support from colleagues and supervisors can be crucial for their success. This may involve offering guidance and advice, helping to remove obstacles or challenges, or providing encouragement and motivation.

4. Communication: Effective communication is key to the success of any succession plan. It is essential to keep identified individuals informed about their progress and development and provide them with regular feedback and guidance.

Implementing a succession plan effectively is crucial for the plan's success and future leaders' development. By providing identified individuals with the necessary resources, clear expectations, support, and effective communication, you can help ensure that they are prepared to take on leadership roles in your organization.