Pre-employment to Post-employment HR Services

In pole vaulting, the penultimate step is taken right before your plant step to launch. When you decide to engage with PPC, it will be the second to last step before launching into the continued successful execution of your business objectives.

Culture Evaluations

Business leaders want to know at all levels “How is my organization doing?”. A culture evaluation offers insights to answer that question. This is executed through voluntary and confidential conversations and surveys designed to assess the feelings, attitudes, and opinions of the workforce. Surveys and conversations take nominal time commitments but leave a lasting effect on an organization’s overall health. Finally, a culture evaluation provides an opportunity for leaders to know what’s working and areas of opportunity for improvement supported by relevant data.

Workplace Investigations

People are complicated and so is the workplace at times. Especially, when a complaint arises. Internally, leaders, managers, and even your HR department may present a bias as they know the employees involved. Therefore, outsourcing your workplace investigations to a natural third party mitigates bias risk. An impartial investigation is generally conducted so an employer can determine what occurred when there are contested allegations affecting the workplace that involved a potential violation of the employer’s policies, standards, ethics, or the law. The purpose of an impartial investigation is to provide a fair and impartial process for the complainant and respondent to reach reasoned findings based on the information gathered.  Check out this AWI article to uncover the guiding principles for workplace investigations.

Leadership & Management Training

Nearly all problems can be solved through effective leadership. Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well… nearly all problems are created by ineffective leadership. The art of leadership is a lifelong journey of continuous training and development. A leader must adapt to their followers, not vice versa. PPC offers leadership training from a foundational level to the highest executive levels to get the best out of the organization through effective leadership. PPC will train managers to issue spot and be mindful of FMLA, ADA, and other employment law issues that arise throughout the regular workday.  

Succession Planning

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. You don’t need to have a succession plan for every member of the organization. However, you do need a plan for those in revenue-generating positions to ensure risk mitigation in potential revenue leakage in the event of an untimely exit. Succession planning is based on training, development, and transparency of duties and responsibilities. Mature leaders welcome succession planning as they know they’re unable to move up and/or onward until someone is capable of successfully executing their current duties and responsibilities. Through a customized planning process, where your company is the focus, PPC will deliver a succession plan with quarterly follow-ups to ensure accountability and actions. 

Strategic Planning

The strategy explains how an organization, faced with competition, will achieve superior performance. This definition of strategy is deceptively simple. SWOT, is cute… but Porter's Five Forces is the best way to holistically look internally and externally to align your business strategy to your people processes. Through a series of intentional strategic meetings diving deep into the threat of entry, buyer power, supplier power, rivalry, and substitutes. Good strategies depend on the connection among many things, on making interdependent choices. Engage with PPC today to analyze your current strategy and/or accomplish a new business strategy that’s people-centered

Workforce Planning

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson. Workforce planning can sometimes feel like a punch in the mouth. Especially, in small businesses, family businesses, or high turnover industries such as retail and hospitality. With PPC we’ll work side by side with your business to analyze, forecast, and plan workforce supply and demand, assess gaps, and determine target talent management solutions to ensure your company has the right people, with the right skills, in the right seats, at the right time to meet your business goals.

Change Management

Change is one of the most challenging aspects of business operations. Unfortunately, the external environment can force change on us, see COVID-19 and CDC regulations as well as other government departmental guidelines. Before being reactive and going about changing haphazardly, partner with PPC to ensure a smooth change management process that has an optimal impact on your people, processes, and profit. Improvement is impossible without change.  

Transition Coaching

Finding a job is hard. Getting an interview is challenging. Networking can seem impossible for an introvert. This is a free service offered to those transitioning from the military or who find themselves in between success. With a vast network of HR professionals, business leaders, and career advisors PPC offers tips, tricks, and candid conversations on how to overcome the hurdles and land that next position. 

Interim HR

In the gig economy, there’s sometimes a need for an experienced HR professional to fill the shoes of your internal HR professional. If your HR department of one has a vacancy, PPC professionals can step in and quickly fill critical gaps until a permanent solution is found for your HR department of one. Contact us today to learn more about interim HR solutions and services for your business. 

Client Feedback: 

Gregory Tripple, Chief Financial Officer: Thank you very much for your unvarnished candor and comments, being exactly what  each individual needed to hear. An honest HR executive viewpoint & assessment told us all what we needed to hear. Being in Denial does not address or resolve any of our issues! Thank you once again!!

Kelly Blair, Human Resources Manager: Working with Greg was seamless for us during a time of great transition. Greg was focused, engaging, consultative and supportive to all levels of staff he interacted with. This ability allowed us to strategically concentrate efforts elsewhere when needed. Partnering with Greg was truly a beneficial and successful experience and I would highly recommend his services to others. 

Michael Dempsey, Supply Chain & Logistics Professional: For the past several months, I have had the pleasure of working with Greg in the career search field. He is very energetic and enthusiastic about the client with a genuine passion for them to succeed. Greg is great in answering questions in a very thoughtful and thorough manner. His follow up skills are also excellent. I have been very impressed with the outstanding level of service those I received and will continue to recommend this company to those who need it.