More Than a Thank You

How Companies Can Truly Honor Veterans on Veterans Day

By: Greg Modd

Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11th, is more than a federal holiday. It’s a day dedicated to honoring the brave men and women who have served our nation in the armed forces. It presents a unique opportunity for businesses to go beyond the traditional “thank you for your service” and take tangible actions that show genuine appreciation and support for veteran employees and the wider community. Here’s how companies can do just that:

Create Veteran Hiring Initiatives 🦺

Veterans bring a wealth of skills to the civilian workforce, including leadership, teamwork, and advanced problem-solving abilities. Companies can honor veterans by establishing or strengthening programs focused on recruiting and hiring them. This could include partnerships with veteran-owned businesses and veteran services organizations, creating internship programs for transitioning service members and providing training to help integrate veterans into the corporate culture.

Invest in Veteran Development 💸

Once veterans are hired, companies can offer specialized career development programs. Mentorship programs that pair veterans with experienced professionals in their field can be particularly effective. This helps veterans navigate their new roles and demonstrates a company’s long-term commitment to their success.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses 💱

Businesses can make a concerted effort to procure goods and services from veteran-owned businesses. This stimulates economic growth within the veteran community and allows companies to benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences veterans bring as entrepreneurs.

Sponsor Veteran-Centric Events 💥

Organizing or sponsoring events focusing on veterans and their stories can be a powerful way to honor them. This could include hosting a Veterans Day luncheon with a guest speaker who is a veteran, sponsoring a veterans’ appreciation day at a local sports event, or supporting a charity run benefiting veteran causes.

Volunteer Time and Resources ⚡

Companies can encourage employees to volunteer with local veterans’ groups or participate in community service projects to assist veterans and their families. Offering paid time off for employees to volunteer on Veterans Day is an excellent way to show support.

Educate Your Workforce 🎓

Education is crucial to understanding. Hosting workshops or seminars that educate your workforce about the military experience and the challenges of transitioning to civilian life can foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment for veteran employees.

Provide Extra Support 🔋

Offering additional resources such as counseling services, financial planning assistance, or legal aid to veterans can make a significant impact. These services can be particularly valuable for veterans who are adjusting to civilian life or who may be dealing with service-related issues.

Grant Additional Leave for Veterans ⛱️

Veterans may appreciate additional time off to observe Veterans Day in a way that is meaningful to them. Offering a day of leave specifically for veterans honors their service and allows them to participate in commemorations or reflect on their service.

Implement a Matching Gift Program 🎁

Encourage charitable giving by implementing a matching gift program for donations made to veteran-focused organizations. This can amplify the impact of individual contributions and show that the company is committed to supporting causes important to its veteran employees.

A simple “thank you for your service” is always appreciated, and actions speak louder than words. By implementing these strategies, companies can demonstrate a genuine commitment to honoring veterans on Veterans Day and throughout the year. Such initiatives benefit veterans and enrich the company culture, making the business a place where the spirit of service and sacrifice is deeply valued and recognized.